Thailand to strictly control online pricing, requiring clear pricing in Arabic numerals

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The Royal Gazette announced yesterday, September 22, that the prices and details of goods and services must be displayed explicitly on their online platforms, with violators being fined up to 10,000 baht per offense.

The new consumer protection law was implemented after the Central Committee on Goods and Service Prices had reviewed the previous Prices of Goods and Services issue No. 102 and had added some e-commerce related regulations in order to protect online traders.

According to the notification, online vendors must indicate the selling price and service charges as well as the type, size, weight, and other details of their products by writing or typing in all electronic channels and online platforms. The details must be easily seen and explicitly written for the customers.

The price display must include universally known Arabic numerals while the details related to the products must be primarily written or typing in Thai, other languages can be added. Any expenses on top of the prices of products and services must also be displayed explicitly.

Online traders who are only revealing prices in private messages on major online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Line, and websites could face a hefty penalty of 10,000 baht.

Patrons who inform the cases to the Department of Internal Trade would receive 25 percent of the fine if they provided evidence of screenshots of chat messages, prices only revealed in direct messages, and vendors’ bank account numbers.

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