Chiang Mai hill tribe man arrested over allegedly murdering his baby girl due to not wanting any more daughters

PHOTO: Thairath

Chiang Mai –

Mr. Anuphap Jaipanya, 45, was placed under arrest and allegedly confessed today, September 24, over poisoning his seven-month-old female child because he did not want any more daughters in the family.

The incident was reported to the Changphueak Police Station, Chiang Mai, yesterday after the child’s mother, Malee Sinprai, 29, called Chiang Mai officials claiming that her 7-month-old daughter, who was believed to be traveling with her father to see relatives, had become unreachable.

PHOTO: Thairath

Anuphap arrived home later in the evening and reportedly confessed to the mother of committing murder to their youngest daughter. According to Malee, he had always wanted a male child to carry on the family name and inherit his business since he was from a traditional hill tribe with set cultural beliefs.

The father allegedly turned himself in to the police on the following day before being taken to the scene where he had reportedly buried the child. He reportedly told the officers that he already had two daughters and was disappointed to have another girl in the family. He was also stressed due to financial troubles over Covid-19 and decided to drive the child away, without the mother’s awareness.

PHOTO: Thairath

The infant was reportedly force-fed a whole bottle of bathroom cleaner until she died before the alleged murderer then cold-heartedly buried her in a Chinese cemetery in Doi Saket District to hide the crime.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chakri Wongkum told The Pattaya News/TPN National that  Anuphap is now detained at the police station, initially charged with premeditated murder and hiding a corpse. The child’s body will be delivered from the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital to his relatives to perform religious rituals.


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