Thai Parliament members and Senators set to vote on potential of amending Thai Constitution while protesters begin to gather in Bangkok this afternoon


Both members of Thailand’s Parliament and Senators are set to vote this evening on six potential constitutional amendment motions brought up by both Government and Opposition members as protesters from the Free Youth movement and other Pro-Democracy groups begin to gather around Parliament this afternoon in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, Law enforcement officers have blocked some roads and set up roadblocks around Parliament to prevent unauthorized entry. Officials with the Bangkok Police have stressed they respect people’s right to peacefully protest but will prohibit trespassing or any potential violent protests.

Protesters began to gather at the Kiak Kai intersection late this morning and plan to march to Parliament around 4:00 PM, protest leaders have stated on social media. They stressed multiple times the protest is peaceful. They are going to parliament to hear the results of the debate and express their opinions. One of their primary demands is that the Government re-write the constitution to provide, what they call, more support for democracy.

Bangkok Metropolitan Police have advised traffic and normal residents to steer clear of the area around Parliament this afternoon and evening as multiple roads will be closed and significant traffic is expected. They have also parked water trucks and prison vans, however, stated they did not plan to use them unless protesters became violent.

In Parliament, debate on the motions, which has been happening since yesterday, is expected to end around 6:00 PM and will end with a roll call vote on which, if any, motion to support.

Any amendments requires the support of at least 84 of the 250 senators, without which the attempt will fail. The Pattaya News will provide further updates on this major story this evening.

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