It’s official-alcohol sales ban Friday in Thailand for religious holiday


As we first reported earlier this week the end of Buddhist Lent arrives this Friday in Thailand and with it comes a 24 hour ban on alcohol sales.

Letters announcing the ban, which went out to some local businesses in Pattaya today, were received by The Pattaya News.

Due to the ban, all entertainment related businesses that primarily focus on alcohol, such as bars, nightclubs, etc. will be closed for twenty four hours starting at Midnight Thursday through the entire day Friday, October 2.

Alcohol sales will also be banned at all venues such as restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and convienence stores. Penalities for violating the ban are harsh. Although venues like sports bars can be open for sporting events they may not serve alcoholic beverages.

Consumption of alcohol is not illegal, but discouraged on religious holidays. The end of Buddhist Lent marks the period where monks end their yearly retreat and can return to their normal monastic lives and

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