Laos will keep border checkpoints closed until at least the end of October


Laos stated earlier this week that they have made the decision to keep their borders closed until the end of October to help protect against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The statement was made by the Laos Deputy Minister of Health Phouthone Meaungpak on Thursday of this week at a press conference.

He stated that all local, traditional and international borders would remain closed until at least Halloween, which is on October 31, 2020.

There are exceptions available for certain government approved cargo and individuals who have permission from the government, such as Laos nationals repatriating to the country.

Laos has only had a total of 23 confirmed cases, with 22 of those fully recovered. The country has, however, got criticism over what some claim is a lack of proper testing. Entertainment venues, despite being open in nearby Thailand, remain closed until at least the end of October according to Phouthone, which includes places like Karaoke bars. Laos has, however, always tightly controlled nightlife as opposed to their neighbor in Thailand.

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