Thai man decides to adopt stray dog after video of him carrying the dog home intoxicated from restaurant in Bangkok last Saturday goes viral

Bangkok –

Have you ever been so intoxicated that you decided to pick up and bring home a stray soi dog? One man did and has now decided to permanently adopt the dog.

Thai national Yutthaphum Kaewekhem has adopted a stray dog after being video recorded carrying the animal home from a Thai barbeque restaurant in Bangkok last Saturday.

Yutthaphum told the press today, October 5, that he was visiting a local Thai barbeque restaurant on Friday night before starting to drink heavily and became completely intoxicated around 2:00 AM. A video of him carefully carrying a stray dog and giving the animal treats and attention went viral on social media, gaining a large amount of positive praise.

He stated that he remembered playing and giving treats to a friendly dog but did not recall when he carried the dog to his friend’s car and took her back home. The incident caught him by surprise after he woke up the next morning and saw the dog lying calmly at the end of his bed.

Yutthaphum then rushed to return the dog where she was believed to be taken and informed the restaurant owner who told him that the dog had no owner and had been living around the area with other stray dogs.

His humorous, yet adorable, story had attracted many Thai dog lovers on social media who also advised him to adopt the pooch. He was reluctant to do so as he claimed that he had never raised a dog before and might not have time to take care of her.

But he immediately changed his mind right after he re-visited the animal and bought her a collar. The dog tamely allowed him to put it on before lovably licking and joyously jumping towards him.

Yutthaphum named her ‘Moo-ka-ta’, which means Thai barbeque in Thai, and then took her for vaccination at a nearby vet clinic. Both of them are living together at Yutthaphum’s house and are now in a happy condition.

Nop Meechukhun
National News Writer at The Pattaya News from September 2020 to October 2022. Born and raised in Bangkok, Nop enjoys telling stories of her hometown through her words and pictures. Her educational experience in the United States and her passion for journalism have shaped her genuine interests in society, politics, education, culture, and art.