Taxi driver turns himself in after road rage incident in which he attacked both his own taxi and another vehicle with a knife after a minor car accident in Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi –

A taxi driver confessed to the Nonthaburi police after reportedly using a knife to attack both his own vehicle and that of a second person involved in a collision following a minor car accident in the Bang Si Muang District, Nonthaburi yesterday, October 7.

Driver Suwisit Kaewpradit turned himself in at the Bang Si Muang Police Station today, October 8, and told the officers that he was driving and accidentally bumped into another vehicle in front of him yesterday evening.

He then stopped and got out of the car to sincerely apologize to the other driver but he reportedly became furious without provocation instead and quickly walked back to his car and picked up a long knife from the glovebox.

The raging driver was reportedly madly slashing his own vehicle and the victim’s car several times. Suwisit claimed that he could not control himself at the moment as he was previously arguing with his wife and stressed about several personal and money issues. The incident was caught on camera by witnesses.

When being asked if he was drunk, Suwisit insisted that he had drank only a half can of beer before driving and was not drunk at the moment of the incident.

Suwisit also met with the other driver and apologized for causing the shocking incident before investigators then took him to an interrogation room for questioning and legal proceedings.

Nop Meechukhun
National News Writer at The Pattaya News from September 2020 to October 2022. Born and raised in Bangkok, Nop enjoys telling stories of her hometown through her words and pictures. Her educational experience in the United States and her passion for journalism have shaped her genuine interests in society, politics, education, culture, and art.