Young driver killed in Bangkok after crashing into power pole opposite his home

Don Mueang, Bangkok-

A sedan driver was pronounced dead at the scene after crashing into a power pole opposite his home in Don Mueang early yesterday morning.

The Don Mueang Police was notified of the accident on Song Prapa Road in Si Kan just before dawn yesterday.

Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene to find a heavily damaged sedan stuck against a power pole.

The driver, Mr. Chayarob Nimnuan, 23, was found dead inside the wrecked vehicle

His relatives and friends told The Pattaya News that Mr. Chayarob was driving back home after playing video games at his friends house. Chayarob’s home was literally opposite the accident scene and he was almost home.

His friends who were following behind him saw the accident take place and attempted to free Chayarob but failed, calling for emergency assistance after. Rescue workers found a deceased Chayarob stuck inside the sedan.

At this stage police believed that the driver was driving at high speed before losing control and crashing into a tree on the side of the road. Then, the sedan flew into the air before colliding into a power pole on the opposite lane.

However, police are checking CCTV footage nearby to find the exact cause of the accident.

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