Protesters change rally location, defy government ban on gatherings and heavy rain and say protest will go on in Bangkok


Pro-democracy protesters have made a last minute change to their planned protest location today which was originally scheduled near Central World and has now been planned to move.

The area near Central World has a heavy police presence and blockades and were, according to some reports, not letting in anyone or the scheduled area including press.

The Free Youth movement released updates on their social media accounts, which were quickly followed up on by associated press, that the protest would continue and was moving locations presumably due to the increased government presence at the former location.

The protesters are reportedly now, despite heavy rain, planning to gather at the second location near MBK. Traffic is reportedly intense and road closures and delays are to be expected.

Protesters have stressed that the protest is peaceful while the government has stressed that Bangkok is under a severe state of emergency and gatherings of over five people are illegal. The Thai Government has warned that anyone participating in the gatherings face prosecution.

We will provide further updates throughout the evening.

Photos are from yesterday’s protests.

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