Nong  Nooch Gardens in Pattaya hold a grand opening of a Friendship Garden at the Russian Embassy

Pattaya, Bangkok-

The Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya held a grand opening of the new Friendship Garden between Thailand and Russia at the Russian Embassy in Thailand over the weekend.

The grand opening was held at the Russian Embassy in Thailand in Bang Rak, Bangkok.

The opening was led by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Thailand Mr. Evgeny Tomikhin and the president of the Nong Nooch Gardens Mr. Gamphon Satja.

Mr Gamphon said, “The Friendship Garden is aimed to continue good relations between Thailand and Russia which we have had for a long time.”

“On July 18, we had started to make the garden in the Russian Embassy in Thailand. This garden represents a strong and stable relationship between Thailand and Russia.”

“There are many plants in this garden which cost a significant amount of money but we did for free.”

“This garden is our ninth Friendship Garden in nine embassies in Thailand which are the embassy of The Republic of Indonesia, the Bhutan Embassy, the Embassy of Pakistan, the Embassy of France, the Laos Embassy, the Nepal Embassy, the Cambodian Embassy, the Myanmar Embassy and now the Russian Embassy.” Gamphon concluded.


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