Royal Thai Police to implement new priorities of drunk-driving checkpoints nationwide by tomorrow, national police chief confirms today

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The Royal Thai Police has laid out new priorities and will be re-operating drunk driving checkpoints again nationwide at 10:00 PM. tomorrow, November 4, national police chief Suwat Jangyodsuk stated to the press today.

The chief told the Associated Press that he and several police authorities in the Department will be attending the first demonstration of setting up a major drunk-driving checkpoint under new regulations to reduce drunk driving and road accidents in front of Thonglor Police Station on Wednesday night.

PHOTO: Royal Thai Police

A new model of alcohol detection checkpoints will require 12 police officers, consisting of 1 police supervisor, 2 police detectors, 3 officers at an alcohol testing booth, 4 police in the Prevention team, 1 monitoring police at a booth, and 1 arresting officer. Additional officers could also be used to “block off” roads before checkpoints to ensure drivers don’t take a U-turn or leave.

From the photo above right to left, the driver will first encounter two prevention team officers, designed to make sure vehicles stop or to provide pursuit as needed. (4). The vehicle, will then stop for a short interview and check with two detection officers. These officers are responsible for flagging potentially drunk drivers to the next point or letting those they deem driving responsibly to move on. (2)

At this point a driver, if flagged to be tested further, will move to an alcohol detection team who will check their results. (3). The results will be verified by a monitoring police officer to ensure transparency (5) and a supervisor (1).

Two more officers are manned in this area to prevent anyone from attempting to flee (4).

If a driver tests positive, they will be directed to an arresting officer. (6)

Prior to the new priorities, the national police chief had ordered a temporary suspension of all drunk driving checkpoints across Thailand on October 2 in order to clarify their transparency as many police checkpoints were observed not being legally operated by the authorities.

The new regulations on the establishment of checkpoints announced today are believed to be strictly implemented to reach a qualified and authorized standard, Suwat stressed.

The Pattaya News notes that the main differences are multiple levels of screening with more officers required, including those of higher rank. This is believed to also help prevent corruption, people on social media have noted, as more officers will be present and are required to verify potentially drunken drivers at checkpoints.



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