Bangkok protests and clashes between law enforcement and protesters end after eventful day, more scheduled for tomorrow as Parliament continues to debate charter amendments

Update from Bangkok Parliament protests tonight:

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reports that, as of 20:30, 15 people were injured by tear gas and were treated on site, another 19 have been sent to hospital and 9 others were injured during clashes this evening in Bangkok from all sides of Pro-democracy protesters, pro-establishment protesters and law enforcement. More updated totals may be coming later.

The protests have ended for tonight as there is no Thai Parliament vote this evening and protest leaders saw the situation escalating without potential end on both sides.

Pro-Democracy protesters have announced what they are calling the biggest protest ever, with the title “If we burn, you burn” at Ratchaprasong intersection mid tomorrow afternoon. Significant heavy traffic delays are likely and regular traffic is urged to avoid the area. Heavy police response and likely opposition counter rallies are likely.

The Pro-Democracy protesters will not be assembling at Parliament tomorrow, who begin a second day of debate on charter reform, stating that they believe based on signals given today the charter version they wish to pass will not be accepted. This version, by the group iLaw, would allow potential change to any section of the Constitution including that of the Monarchy. Pro-establishment groups which ended up in several scuffles with Pro-Democracy groups tonight have vowed to refuse this version of the charter tooth and nail as well.

We have many photos, videos and retweets of today’s events on our Twitter if you aren’t following us there check it out @The_PattayaNews.

We have also posted earlier today about the protests with full coverage. We will be providing a more detailed recap in the morning.

Adam Judd
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