Details on sixty day extendable tourist visa for Thailand, 500,000 baht financial requirement reportedly dropped

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Based on multiple reports, screenshots and statements made through various social media groups devoted to the sixty day tourist visa program, some embassies and consulates have dropped one of the biggest hurdles to the program for the “average” visitor-a requirement of having 500,000 Thai Baht in the bank for at least six months.

First off, for those not aware of this program, please see our prior post on this visa below:

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It is also important to note this is not the Special Tourist Visa, which is a different program and has been the one that has dominated most press releases and official communication. As discussed in the above article, there have been no official announcements from the Thai government, such as the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or the Tourism Authority, regarding the sixty day Tourist Visa, however phone calls and messages to embassies such as in the UK and America have confirmed the visa exists. For information on the special tourist visa, please see below:

Thailand’s ‘Special Tourist Visa’ details including fees and additional charges explained

Despite the lack of official notices in Thailand, the tourist visa is legitimate and does allow visitors, even from high risk countries, to enter Thailand based on information given from embassies. The visa is good for sixty days and can be extended once in the country, according to the official information.

There have been mixed reports on if people can legally change this visa in the country, say to a work visa or retirement or something that would allow them to stay longer. However, it does seem that the possibility “may” be there according to prominent information on online travel groups such as this one below. Keep in mind, the organizations running these groups are not official Thai Government spokespeople but do state they work closely with them.

For those interested in applying they can reach out to their local embassy or consulate or speak with participating travel agencies such as the one running the social media group above.

It is also important to remember that although the strict financial requirements appear to have been dropped there are still many other requirements, including fourteen day quarantine at your expense, multiple Covid-19 tests, fit to fly, certificate of entry from the Thai Embassy, mandatory Covid-19 insurance for at least 100,000 USD, finding a flight which do not run regularly from many countries and may need to be semi-chartered and other requirements and hoops. However, the program is a start for those in high risk countries looking for a way to return to Thailand.

Finally, not every country has changed the financial requirements for this visa or even updated their website to say this visa exists. Mixed reports have come in on the availability of this visa in some countries. If unsure, please contact your local embassy and ask.

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