Four new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Bangkok and Tak province confirmed by Thai Health authorities this morning, connected to illegal crossing from Myanmar

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Two Thai natives, both 26, in Bangkok and two Burmese immigrants in Tak province were recently confirmed to have positive tests for the Covid-19 Coronavirus today, December 6th, the Ministry of Public Health and the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) announced this morning.

First and Second Cases:

The first two cases involve a female transgender, 30, and her female friend, 26, who reportedly traveled to Chiang Rai province on November 6th before crossing the Thai-Myanmar border to stay at an entertainment venue for three weeks. They both returned to the country on the 27th illegally and stayed at a hotel in Mae Sai district.

They reportedly went shopping at a local market from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on November 28th before visiting walking street in Mae Sai district in the evening. The patients also visited Wat Phra That Doi Wao on November 29th in the morning.

The 26-year-old patient left the province at 8:45 PM. to Bangkok via Thai Smile flight WE127 while her friend continued to spend one more day later at Mae Sai district and left the hotel on November 30th in the afternoon before taking a Thai Lion Air Airline flight SL545 to Don Mueang International Airport in the evening.

The female transgender reportedly arrived in the capital with a little fever and stayed at her home from November 30 to December 3 at all times. Her friend continued to stay at a Bangkok hotel and went to the convenience store from time to time during her stay.

On December 4th, the 30-year-old patient then asked her friend to accompany her to seek a Covid-19 test at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases as her fever was worsening and after seeing the news of other cases from Tachiliek. She tested positive for the Coronavirus on the same day.

Meanwhile, her 26-year-old friend began to have some suspicious symptoms of a stuffy nose and a little fever on the same day and decided to take the Covid-19 test yesterday at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Her result showed her being positively infected with the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Third Case: 

The third patient was a 43-year-old illegal immigrant from Myanmar who reportedly sneaked into the country from the Mae Sot district of Tak province on December 1st. He went to a local clinic for his congenital diseases at around 6:00 PM.

On December 2nd, he reportedly went to several places in the province, including the passport office, his private office, and a local restaurant, before returning to his place at around 5:00 PM.

He was required to test for the Covid-19 Coronavirus as he arrived at Mae Sot hospital on December 3rd for a medical certificate in order to travel to Singapore for business. His positive result for Covid-19 Coronavirus was shown on the following day. At least 13 medical and immigration officials were categorized as high-risk groups and are now being quarantined.

Fourth Case:

Another Burmese immigrant, 70, was also illegally crossing the Thai-Myanmar border via a natural route in the Mae Sot district of Tak province on November 29th after reportedly staying in the Kayin State of Myanmar for a couple of months with his wife. He was reportedly having a sore throat and a stuffy nose upon arrival.

He remained home with his son-in-law as he was starting to have a high fever. His daughter then arrived from Bangkok to take care of him on December 3rd. He was rushed to a hospital on December 4 as he started panting with trouble breathing and tested positive for the Covid-19 on December 4. Two of his relatives are now being locally quarantined at home, one of them tested negative so far.

Officials continue to tell the public to stay calm and that the tracing and testing process is working correctly. They have asked anyone who has recently returned illegally to turn themselves in for Covid-19 testing. The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has stressed they are not looking at lockdowns or business closures at this time but have told the public to continue to wear masks, socially distance and wash their hands.


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