Thai Law Enforcement steps up inspections and precautions at entertainment venues for Covid-19 safety

Bangkok, Thailand-

Authorities in Bangkok, including Major General Asawin Kwanmuang, the BMA Governor, have ordered to tighten up Covid-19 measures in Bangkok following several domestic cases of Covid-19 being discovered, the majority in Northern Thailand at the Myanmar border.

You can read more about the domestic situation, which Thai authorities say is under control and will not lead to a widespread infection, below. It is important to note that although there is no sign of a “superspreader incident” and the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration has continually said the situation is under control that these measures are simply out of precaution and not as a response to widespread cases.

Thai Ministry of Public Health announces four new cases of medical officers and illegal returnee who test positive for Covid-19 coronavirus

The tightening of cautionary measures, which is also taking place in many provinces besides Bangkok, essentially means that law enforcement is inspecting venues where Covid-19 spreads the easiest according to the Thai Ministry of Public Health. This includes bars, nightclubs, restaurants, karaoke bars and similar entertainment venues. Authorities have been asked to ensure that these venues are enforcing safety measures such as:

-Mandatory temperature checks

-Patrons checking in/signing into the venue with either the Thaichana online platform or a manual sign in for contract tracing

-Wearing of masks, especially in crowded areas.

-Usage of hand sanitizer throughout the venues

-Proper social distancing requirements being followed and adhered to.

-Proper cleaning and sanitizing of venues to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19

-Strict surveillance of illegal immigrants (The Pattaya News notes that it is not clear how venues are supposed to take action in this regard)

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