Quarantine not ending anytime soon, says Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bangkok, Thailand-

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that strict quarantine and other requirements will last well into 2021 while also commenting on overall statistics around Covid-19 and Thailand.

Thailand currently requires a fourteen day quarantine for all visitors. Foreigners are required to pay at their expense.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that many countries have lessened their requirements but said that Thailand would keep the strict requirements well into 2021. They did not give an exact date or timeframe on expected loosening of restrictions but it is widely believed will be based on both vaccination of Thai Nationals and the situation worldwide. Thailand is not expected to start vaccinating their citizens until roughly April of 2021 according to a statement by the Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha.

The ministry and relevant agencies have repatriated 140,429 Thais from 145 countries so far this year with 5,630 returning home in the past week alone. Of the total, 29,693 came over land, 108,649 traveled by air and 2,087 traveled by sea. A total of 993 individuals were found to be infected with COVID-19 after traveling from 67 different countries, a rate of 0.7 percent. For January 2021, a further 33,269 have expressed a desire to return.

The ministry has provided entry documentation to 51,424 foreigners so far this year, with 16,231 added in the past week.

Adam Judd
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