Amnesty urged for undocumented migrant workers and employers, Thai Government reportedly will “discuss the possibility”

Bangkok, Thailand-

Multiple Thai media sources as well as an increasing number of concerned citizens on social media are calling on the Thai Government to give “amnesty” to foreign migrant workers and employers in the country who are undocumented and entered the country against the law.

The thought process behind this line of thinking is that an amnesty would prohibit situations like companies dumping their employees on roads or people fleeing quarantines and lockdowns for fear of being deported or charged legally for employing undocumented workers. Both of these situations have been reported in the past several days by The Pattaya News.

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration Center, or CCSA, stressed earlier today that migrant workers, undocumented or not, are human beings and “our brothers and sisters” reminding the Thai population that they drive many industries in Thailand such as fishing and construction and that they should not be blamed for the current outbreak.

An amnesty would, according to those supporting the idea, prevent undocumented workers from trying to hide or flee from Covid-19 inspectors and law enforcement as well as prevent employers from trying to hide their staff or abandoning them.  Migrant workers have already been granted free Covid-19 tests and medical care, per the Thai Government, to encourage them to get tested.

Ideas for the amnesty include a period of time for the illegal employee to become legal and gain proper status and a work permit without punishment as well as for the employer to register their staff legally. This would also help solve problems with illegal staff in Thailand, according to proponents of the plan.

The CCSA is set to potentially discuss this at a meeting tomorrow, but would likely need the approval of the Thai Cabinet as well.

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