Bangkok Metropolitan Administration shuts all schools from January 4th to January 17th as a Covid-19 precaution


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, in partnership with the Office of Education, has announced all public schools that fall under their jurisdiction will close from the 4th of January until January 17th as a Covid-19 precautionary measure.

The announcement was made by the Office of Education on their social media accounts around noon today, January 1st, 2021.

The reason for the closure is concern that students returning to school from different provinces and areas they may have visited over the New Year Holiday could potentially have the Covid-19 virus and cause a spread or cluster of infections. Therefore, schools will close for a two week period out of precaution.

This measure affects 437 schools and 292 child care centers. It does NOT affect private or international schools, concerned parents will need to contact their schools directly and inquire if there will be any measures or closures.

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