Prominent Thai activist criticizes shutdown measures in Bangkok, claims Governors only care about making their infection numbers look good and not the people

Bangkok, Thailand-

A prominent Thai pro-democracy activist, Bow Nuttaa Mahattana, who is widely followed on social media, has openly criticized tonight’s Bangkok Covid-19 related closure orders and measures that heavily affect many businesses, as well as those of other provinces, making several critical statements regarding the overall Covid-19 situation.

Bow stated that she feels that the Provincial Governor’s are acting like, in her words, middle managers and only trying to appease their boss, the Cabinet and Ministry of the Interior by “delivering good numbers.”

She stated that the current approach of letting governor’s and Mayor’s make all the decisions was not the right one as she claimed many governor’s were making decisions that deeply harm the people, economy and the poor only to try to improve their Covid-19 numbers without any sort of cost or benefit analysis of the impact of restrictions and closure measures. She supports a centralized direct approach that takes a balanced approach while working on limiting damage to the people and economy as well as protecting health.

In her words, this made them trying to compete with each other for the best numbers and lowest infections vs. focus on a good risk/benefits strategy.

The Thai Government, meanwhile, has stated that the measures are needed in order to reduce infections and stop potential future spread across the country of Covid-19. They also have brought up the fact that the Social Security Office is assisting affected employees who collect social security with 50% of their daily wages.

The Pattaya News notes, however, that the vast majority of the hospitality, entertainment and leisure sector affected by the closures are so-called informal workers who do not get social security or government assistance. As of press time, no plans have been released on what, if any options will be made to support these individuals.

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