Thai Government explains difference between hospitals, “hospitels” and field hospitals for Covid-19 patients


The Thai Government has explained the difference between three types of “hospitals” being used for patients for Covid-19 in Thailand.

Due to current policy and regulations, all patients with Covid-19, even those who are asymptomatic, must stay in a hospital until declared “free” of the virus by hospital staff, generally at least a two week period.  However, not everyone is in the same situation based on their status as government officials explained to the media this week. The explanation came following concerns that asymptomatic people could be taking up valuable space from seriously ill patients. The government stresses that is not the case but at this time they will not allow asymptomatic people to self-isolate at home.

The following is the Thai Government’s explanation:

A full-blown hospital is for patients with serious conditions and complications from Covid-19, such as a serious fever, pneumonia, need for a ventilator, and other problems. It can also be used for moderate symptoms or those classified as vulnerable or having other conditions that could make the situation worse.

A “hospitel” spelling intended, are designated places (some hospitals, some quarantine centers like former quarantines for repatriated Thais, etc) is for people who have spent no fewer than 5-7 days at a hospital and whose conditions have improved. They must show that an X-ray of their chest is stable. It is for people who no longer have a fever, are cooperative, and show no history of psychiatric problems. This is generally intended for those in recovery after previously having moderate to high symptoms.

A field hospital, which are both temporary locations and some quarantine centers, is generally for those who are asymptomatic or extremely mild symptoms and being observed/watched for possible complications or worse symptoms.

This explanation will hopefully explain the difference between the three places for readers.

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