Makha Bucha is next Friday, February 26th, which brings 24-hour alcohol sales ban in Thailand-be prepared!


Next Friday, February 26th, 2021, is Makha Bucha day in Thailand, a holy religious day that also brings by Thai law a 24-hour alcohol sales ban.

During this time period, the sales of alcohol is prohibited at all venues, including restaurants, bars, gogos, nightclubs, hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores, and more. Most nightlife and entertainment-related venues will be closed during this period.

Although some sports bars will be open for games on television, sales of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Restaurants will be open for food but sales of alcohol will be prohibited. Consumption of alcohol in private is allowed but discouraged in public as many people will be celebrating the religious holiday.

As a religious holiday, a ban on the sales of alcohol will take place from Friday morning at 12:01 AM until Friday night at midnight, a total of 24 hours. The Pattaya News notes that an “official” Thai government announcement or letters to business have yet to be sent or reported but that the date and Thai law around alcohol bans will nearly with crystal-clear certainty lead to an alcohol sales ban. Official messages will likely come early next week.

Of course, due to Covid-19, alcohol sales in restaurants and bars in “highly-controlled” areas have been banned for weeks in some cases such as Samut Sakhon and Bangkok, although Bangkok is expected to review the ban and possibly lift the restrictions as early as Monday.

We will cover the significance and importance of Makha Bucha day and the events taking place for it in separate articles.


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