Royal Thai Immigration Bureau allows “tourists” on Covid-19 extension to extend again, until May 29th


The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau announced through an urgent memo released to the public yesterday that they were extending the so-called “Covid-19 extension” for those “stuck” in the country due to the virus.

The previous extension allowed permission to stay until March 30th, yesterday. However, one can now apply up to May 29th, 2021 for a 60-day Covid-19 extension, which would technically allow people in the country to stay without having to leave or change their visa until July 27th, 2021.

The application will need to be done in person at an Immigration office and depending on where one is from certain additional requirements and documents may be needed. It will cost 1,900 baht for the new extension.

This will allow people “stuck” (or those who simply want to extend their stay on previous Covid-19 extensions and not return to their own countries, especially those that may still have lockdowns or heavy restrictions) to stay for a longer period of time which also benefits the economy while general tourists remain “locked out” unless they do a mandatory quarantine period.

The new order was approved by Royal Thai Immigration Chief Sompong Chingduang.

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