Fire collapses luxury home in Bangkok, at least five people are dead, mostly first responders

Bangkok, Thailand-

At least five people have been pronounced dead, nearly all rescue volunteer workers, after a fire raged through a luxury home in Bangkok this morning, causing the building to collapse while volunteer firefighters were inside. One person is reportedly still trapped under the rubble and alive as of 1:00 PM, according to first responders at the scene.

The fire took place at the Krisada Nakhon Village 31, near Phuttakanthon Sai 3 Road early this morning, April 3rd, 2021, around 6:00 A.M. It swept through the home for nearly an hour, eventually causing the collapse of the building while volunteer firefighters were inside fighting the blaze. The home was a large three-story luxury home about 200 square meters in total. The house was reportedly a company building where eight people resided who worked for the company.

The collapse took place when firefighters from the Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department along with volunteers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation were attempting to rescue a 35-year-old man, Mr. Somkiat Patterson, who was trapped inside a bathroom of the home. The flames weakened the structure, causing the general collapse.

The fire reportedly started from a guardhouse near the front of the property, possibly from an electrical socket, and quickly spread through the home. Seven people escaped with the assistance of rescue workers, however, Somkiat had become trapped in a downstairs bathroom which prompted the rescue effort.

Aswin Kwanmuang, Bangkok Governor, personally traveled to the scene this morning to take command of the situation and rescue efforts to reach those trapped under the rubble.

Confirmed dead so far are Thanaphob Prapai, 44, Samatcha Nilthong, 48, Mr. Somkiat Patterson, 35, who was the man trapped in the bathroom that rescue workers were attempting to rescue, Mr. Suthat Plengklad, 38, and Attapol Thuamthong, 26. Officials stated that signs of life have been reported from at least one volunteer worker trapped in the rubble as of 1:00 P.M. and rescue workers were attempting to determine how to reach them.

According to multiple sources, the residents of the home were active in helping those affected by the Covid-19 crisis, regularly handing out free food and provisions to people who were in need or had lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

The rescue workers who died during the tragic fire are already being treated as heroes by many on Thai social media for sacrificing their lives while attempting to rescue others from the blaze.

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