More storms likely today, throughout Songkran in Thailand and Chonburi

Chonburi, Thailand-

After yesterday’s heavy storms and sporadic flooding in Pattaya, more rain is likely on the way this week according to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

According to the TMD, the cause of the storms is as follows:

A moderate high-pressure system remains over upper Thailand and the South China Sea leading to Southerly and Southeasterly winds prevailing across the lower North, the lower Northeast, the Central region including Bangkok and its vicinity, and the East regions.    Meanwhile, hot weather occurs in upper Thailand where thunderstorms and gusty winds will be forecast in some areas.  An easterly wind across the Gulf of Thailand and the South will cause isolated thundershowers.

The TMD forecasts scattered and isolated thundershowers today and throughout the week during the Songkran period, which is aptly named “The Water Festival” and the Thai New Year. Under normal conditions, the festival sees water fights, parties, concerts, and major events to celebrate the New Year but due to the Covid-19 pandemic these activities are banned this year and only traditional activities are allowed like giving religious merit to temples, wearing traditional Thai outfits, or sprinkling water on Buddhist statues.

Residents are asked to be aware of the potential of flooding and lightning, as well as potential high wind today and throughout this week.

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