Phuket urges all foreigners who went to nightlife venues that held large parties to come forward

Phuket, ThailandPhuket released this message earlier this week to the foreign community of the island, urging them to come forward after several major events were held where Covid19 cases were found.The events, held at several venues and called Kolour, which had after events as well, was reportedly widely attended by foreigners. However, according to Phuket health officials, many foreigners (and to be fair some Thais) have been avoiding them and not coming in for Covid-19 tests.Comments online from foreigners and Thais as to why foreigners are avoiding testing point to mandatory quarantine, potential financial cost, or fear of field hospitals as possible reasons. Thailand does not allow self-isolation or staying home if one tests positive for Covid-19, even if they have mild symptoms. Foreigners also must pay for their treatment or their insurance. The message from Phuket health authorities is below.Message Begins: This is the message for Expats who have been living in Phuket and went to the parties mentioned in the news on Covid spread out (Kolour parties).Please go straight to the Acute Respiratory Infection Clinic (ARI Clinic)at the Vachira General Hospital for swabbing to confirm whether you have been Covid 19- infected.Location: During office hours: 08:30 AM. – 08:00 PM.And please do self-quarantine yourself and conduct self-monitoring for 7 days even the result turns negative. You must wear a mask at all times in public.We know you love staying in Phuket, and we would like, together with you, to create a better Phuket for all of us. Your action in showing up to the test and collaborating to halt the pandemic in Phuket will be greatly appreciated.Be responsible and be kind to Phuket.from us, the local Phuketian.Related article:
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