Thailand’s Royal Gazette officially publishes “Phuket Sandbox”, more details necessary for arrivals included

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The “Phuket Sandbox” project has officially published in the Royal Gazette last night, June 29th, more details and measures for vaccinated foreign tourists to follow upon their arrival in the Kingdom from July 1st.

The details necessary for arrivals are listed as follows:

A: Measures before entering the Kingdom:

  1. Avoid risky areas of infections or community places for at least 14 days
  2. Travel from countries/regions that are approved by and listed from The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) or the Center for Operations Measures in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health. The tourists must register for traveling through the system or website specified by the government. They must be in their home/current country for at least 21 days prior to departure and must provide documents for entering the Kingdom as follows:– Certificate of Entry or COE

    Medical certificate with an RT-PCR laboratory result indicating negative results of Covid-19 Coronavirus up to 72 hours prior to departure

    A Covid-19 insurance plan that covers the duration of the traveler’s stay in the Kingdom in the amount of not less than US$100,000

    Proof of payment for accommodation with a specification of stay of not less than 14 days as well as the RT-PCR negative result. The accommodation must be registered at a hotel or resort that meets SHA standards in accordance with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Tourism of Thailand. Those who are residing in Thailand for less than 14 days must present their airline ticket specifying the duration of departure from the Kingdom and the proof of payment for accommodation and the RT-PCR negative result.

    Certificate of Vaccination, stating that the tourists are completely vaccinated with a vaccine that has been registered and approved by the World Health Organization or as prescribed by the Ministry of Health for not less than 14 days before departure.

    For those under 18 years of age who are not eligible for vaccination and traveling with a parent or guardian, they must have a medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that Covid-19 is not detected by the RT-PCR method up to 72 hours prior to travel.

  3. Have health screening for respiratory symptoms and fever conducted at the international departure and exit of the country/area of ​​origin before departure (Exit screening)

B: Measures upon arrival/while staying in the Kingdom:


  1. Entry screening and Immigration and Customs procedures– Travelers on direct, non-stop flights to Phuket International Airport are subject to health screening and Immigration and Customs procedures at the point of entry under “7 Steps 7 Countdowns”
  2. Install tracking and alert applications as specified by the government and set the application on at all times to monitor symptoms during the traveler’s stay in Thailand.
  3. Travel directly to the reserved hotel on the approved airport transfer service.
  4. Undergo the Covid-19 test by RT-PCR method at one’s own expense under the following requirements:– Taking the first test upon arrival and await the test results in the accommodation, usually available within 24 hours.

    – Taking additional RT-PCR tests as per the following requirements:
    Travellers with a length of stay of fewer than 7 days are required to take another test on Day 6 or 7, or according to the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines.
    – Travellers with a length of stays between 10-14 days are required to take the second test on Day 6 or 7 and the third test on Day 12 or 13, or according to the Ministry of Public Health’s guidelines.
    – In the case that travelers are tested positive for Covid-19, they will be referred to specified healthcare facilities for medical treatment, for which the expenses must be covered by the required insurance.

  5. If tourists tested negative for Covid-19, they can leave their accommodation and travel anywhere in Phuket.
  6. Travelers with an intended length of stay of fewer than 14 days are strictly prohibited from leaving Phuket and must leave the Kingdom immediately on an international flight to another country on or before their intended departure date.
  7. Travelers who have completed 14 nights in Phuket will be allowed to continue their journey to other destinations in Thailand. Some terms and conditions may apply depending on the province or area that the person wishes to visit. It is entirely possible, despite the number of tests and time on the island, some provinces may require additional quarantine and/or tests.

C: Measures before international and domestic departure

– Those who are traveling from Phuket to other countries are advised to follow the guidelines and measures announced by the respective country of their destination.

– Those who are traveling from Phuket to other Thai destinations are required to show proof that they have completed a 14-night stay accommodation along with other required documentation per the guidelines and measures announced by the respective destinations.

For additional information, please visit: TAT’s Phuket Sandbox Website


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