Some Covid-19 restrictions may be lifted in September, according to Thai Prime Minister

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Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O’Cha stated online today, August 18th, that the number of Covid-19 infections in Thailand has slightly improved, especially in terms of recoveries vs. new infections, and may lift some preventive restrictions in September.

He said that after partial lockdown measures were implemented in July in a total of 29 provinces and areas, including Bangkok and Chonburi, the daily infection rate is beginning to slow down and stabilize, despite more than 20,000 new daily infections, as there are more patients recovering than those infected now. However, the number of fatalities is still worrying. TPN media notes that some measures, however, like the closure of bars and entertainment, Pattaya’s lifeline, and “bread and butter” have been closed since April 10th, which have had a major effect specifically on the local Pattaya area.

Some Covid-19 restrictions may potentially be eased in September if the infection rate continues slowing, according to his online statement.

“Currently, the CCSA has agreed to extend the enforcement of lockdown measures until the end of August to continuously help reduce the number of daily infections and fatalities by early September. This will also lead the authorities to readjust the control measures and relax restrictions on some businesses and activities,” he added.

The Prime Minister did not clarify what activities or businesses would be allowed to open. In the 29 maximum control provinces nearly everything that is deemed “non-essential” is closed, including dine-in at restaurants, malls, gyms, massage shops, bars, beaches, pools, parks, tourist attractions, playgrounds, and much more. The entire nightlife economy is also shut down with a mandatory 9:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. curfew.

The Prime Minister also urged all people, regardless of their residing location, risk groups, and vaccination, to practice “Universal Prevention” to elevate safety measures in their daily lives.

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The 10-point Universal Prevention measures are as follows:

  1. Leave home only when necessary.
  2. Stay at least 1-2 meters away from others when staying outside.
  3. Wear a medical mask and a cloth mask at all times, at home, and in public, especially around elderly and high-risk groups.
  4. Wash hands with soap or alcohol gel, especially before meals, after using the bathroom, after coughing, or after touching public and shared objects.
  5. Avoid touching your face mask or any mask you are wearing, including your face, eyes, mouth, and nose.
  6. People over 60 years old or with chronic diseases must avoid leaving home as much as possible. If not, they should minimize the time they spend outside.
  7. Clean and sanitize touched surfaces, equipment, or any physical environment frequently.
  8. Separate personal items.
  9. Eat freshly cooked food and do not share dishes or cutlery.
  10. If you have any of Covid-19 suspicious symptoms or have been in close contact with an infected person or high-risk location, you must conduct an Antigen Test Kit or visit the nearest hospital.

“Please strictly follow these Universal Prevention measures, especially during this high-risk situation, and be patient. We kindly thank everyone for their cooperation. And we are seeking every solution to manage this crisis and revive the country and its economy as quickly as possible,” he concluded.


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