Thai Government to hold formal meeting on potentially easing Covid-19 restrictions this Friday


Bangkok, Thailand-

  The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, is set to hold a major meeting this Friday, August 27th, to discuss potentially easing Covid-19 restrictions in the Kingdom.

A smaller-scale meeting will first be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 26th to gameplan the potential easing plan and what it might entail.

This follows enormous pressure from the economic sector on easing restrictions in 29 provinces that are considered “Maximum Control” where nearly everything except what the government considers essential businesses, like supermarkets and pharmacies, are closed.

It also follows a meeting that we covered yesterday in which the Thai Public Health Minister met with representatives from nine major business industries who presented a roadmap to allow them to reopen or at least ease some of the restrictions on their businesses that have millions of people out of work nationwide and tens of thousands of businesses shuttered.

  You can read about that meeting held yesterday by clicking on this text.

This also comes after the Department of Disease Control and Thai officials announced earlier this week a change in overall strategy, stating that Thailand needs to “live with Covid-19.”

It’s time to live with Covid-19, says Thailand’s Communicable Diseases Committee as they discuss a new plan and strategy

TPN media will keep you updated on any potential change in restrictions and rules. We also note that provincial governors would need to approve any easing of the measures as well which would follow any decisions made by the CCSA before becoming final.

Many business sectors have been urging the government to ease restrictions as they state that financial support given has been inadequate (or not at all, according to some). The decision to likely relax some restrictions also has come not long after the massage industry filed a major civil class-action lawsuit demanding compensation or to open their business as seen below.

Massage parlor and spa operators sue Thai government in class action lawsuit for 200 million baht due to lack of compensation for mandated Covid-19 closures

Thailand continues to report thousands of Covid-19 cases a day but multiple doctors have stated that they feel the peak of the current round of infections has been reached. Want to express your opinion on the situation and “Living with Covid-19?” Check our talkback below.

Reader Talkback: Is living with Covid-19 the right strategy for Thailand?

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