Despite easing of restrictions, Thailand once again warns against “social” gatherings in Royal Gazette


Bangkok –

The Thai Royal Gazette’s announcement of the ban of all gatherings and activities that are at risk of spreading Covid-19 Coronavirus throughout the Kingdom is now implemented as of today, October 1st.

The announcement also assigned the chief of staff to be responsible for maintaining security during the emergency state concerning the prohibition of gatherings and activities that could cause the pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease 2019, signed by General Chalermpol Srisawasdi, chief of staff of the armed forces.

According to the notice, gathering, mingling, and participating in a way that is considered a risk of spreading Covid-19 disease is forbidden nationwide.

Holding gatherings and doing activities that could be a risk of spreading the disease in the maximum controlled and strict areas, the controlled and strict areas, the high surveillance areas, and the surveillance areas are also prohibited, except ones that have been granted permission by the competent officials or the other regulations. Authorities seem particularly focused on cracking down on protests, assemblies, and social gatherings/parties involving alcohol, note many “netizens” on social media. Law enforcement says this is not political, but only to stop the spread of Covid-19. Many anti-government protesters, however, disagree.

Thailand has passed multiple bans on gatherings and assemblies during the Covid-19 situation, even while easing restrictions. Bars and nightlife have been closed for about six months and authorities continue to correlate the spread of Covid-19 with private alcohol-related gatherings and parties, gaining press for continued raids of birthdays and other private events. However, Phuket gained official permission as of this week to open restaurants with alcohol sales, although bars remain closed. Currently, however, this is only for Phuket.

Those who violated the orders around illegal gatherings would be facing charges under the Emergency Decree and shall be liable to imprisonment for two years and a fine of 40,000 baht.

Meanwhile, today has also marked the first day of the easing preventive measures and readjusted curfew hours, particularly in Bangkok and the maximum controlled and strict areas. Many businesses, venues, and activities are allowed to reopen this month, including cinemas and theaters. A full list can be found in the article below:

Bangkok announces list of businesses and venues to be reopened in October


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