Udon Thani police searches home of Swiss national who killed armed intruder at his house after mother of slain man claims almost 300,000 baht was missing

PHOTO: Sanook

Udon Thani, Thailand-

  The Udon Thani police raided and searched the home of a Swiss national today who admitted to killing what he called an armed intruder to his home on October 3rd.

The raid followed the mother of the slain man claiming there was more to the story than the Swiss national was stating and claimed that almost 300,000 baht her son had on him from a recent land sale had gone missing following the incident.

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Today’s raid was led by Pol. Lt. Col. Noppadon Wisetsri, the Deputy Superintendent of the Nakha Police Station in Udon Thani. The raid was given the green light by the Udon Thani Provincial Court, which issued a search warrant with the order number of 142/2564.

Police raided the home of 63-year-old  Rudolf Joseph Rothy, a Swiss national, around 2:00 P.M. in Ban Khamin, part of the Kudsa sub-district in Mueang Udon Thani. Mr. Rudolf and his wife were not home during the raid and so police had the village headsman, identified as Mr. Buasen Sriyangkabutr, and a prominent local monk, Phra Lek Sareerup, 65, accompany them for the raid for transparency reasons. The reason for the raid, according to Udon Thani police, were claims by the mother of the victim, Khan Chantarakhantri, that her son had nearly 300,000 baht from a recent land sale go missing during the confrontation with Rudolf.

Police reportedly did not find any evidence of these claims at the raid but stated the matter was still under investigation. They also stated that they would fully investigate the incident and both sides’ statements and claims to get to the bottom of what had really happened.

According to Mr. Rudolf’s prior statement to Udon Thani police, the intruder, Sathien Chantarakhantri, 53, had climbed a wall to his home near midnight on October 3rd and threatened him for money with a firearm. Mr. Rudolf said he refused and disarmed the intruder, punching him and tying him up, immediately calling the police and village headsman afterward. He claims he only meant to stop the man from hurting him and his family and not to kill the man. This story can be seen in the above reference articles.

The statements from Sathien’s family, however, as can be seen in the reference articles above, claimed that the slain man had no money issues and had just sold land for almost 300,000 baht and had the money physically on him at the time of the incident with Mr. Rudolf. According to Khan Chantarakhantri, the mother of Sathien, Sathien had a not-so-secret affair with Rudolf’s wife, and the confrontation between the two men was regarding this issue and not a robbery attempt.

Rudolph was initially charged for assaulting others to death while the deceased was also charged for trespassing at night, carrying a firearm in public, and attempted murder.

Mr. Buasen Sriyangkabutr, the village headsman, spoke with the associated Thai press today at the scene of the raid and stated that he was the first person called to the scene of the incident and stated that Mr. Rudolf’s story that was given to him matched that later given to police. He also stated that the wife of Mr. Rudolf has stated to him that she had never met the slain intruder before and did not know him, nor had been involved in any sort of relationship.

Police continue to investigate the incident. Associated Thai Press attempted to speak to Mr. Rudolf and his wife about the claims from the family of Sathien on Tuesday, October 5th, but Rudolf declined to comment, referring the matter to his legal team and the court system.

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