Public Health Minister urges legal actions against fake Covid-19 vaccine certification holders


Bangkok –

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul stated during a press interview today, December 16th, that those who are holding fake Covid-19 vaccine certifications and presenting it to hospitals or businesses must face legal charges.

The Minister stated that all hospitals who were encountering fake documents had already reported this to relevant law enforcement authorities. A serious penalty must be issued for both the certificate issuer and the holder for causing chaos, according to Anutin.

He added that holders of fake vaccine certificates are considered by him to be the most inconsiderate people in the world and must be strictly prosecuted as it was both a legal and social matter.

Anutin stated further: “Those who did this must consider their actions and should love their family and those close to them…If they don’t go get the vaccine and use a fake vaccine certificate, they were hurting the people they love. So please don’t do it.”

“All of the authentic certificates can be checked via QR Code. Basic information would reveal if the certificate was valid or not, and it is very easy to check via central databases like Mor Prom. It is useless to pay for fake certificates. It only benefited those scammers and no one else.” Anutin concluded.

He also asked for relevant officials and the Royal Thai Police to cooperate with the government in taking serious action and investigation against those who were involved with any forged health documents.


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