Israeli Covid-19 patient who fled quarantine from Bangkok to Surat Thani now confirmed with Omicron variant

PHOTO: Sanook

Surat Thani –

An Israeli Covid-19 patient who was recently captured from escaping quarantine from Bangkok to Koh Samui in Surat Thani has now tested positive for the Covid-19 Omicron variant, but has recovered and is unlikely to spread it, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed today, December 23rd.

The man, who was only identified by authorities as “Mr. Ohad”, had agreed to turn himself in to Surat Thani province yesterday after days of escaping from a quarantine hotel in Bangkok to the southern provinces of Surat Thani.

However, the Department of Medical Sciences of the Public Health Ministry today reported that his first samples taken on his arrival on December 17th was tested for genome testing on the following day and now confirmed with the Omicron variant on December 22nd which was 2-3 days after the man had reportedly escaped the quarantine.

Now, Mr. Ohad’s results from two local hospitals proved negative for the virus. But the department stated that his virus is diluting from the first day of arrival, resulting in negative results twice from Samui hospitals, and insists he is positive contrary to some media reports.


Director-General Dr. Supakit Sirilak stated: “If a person has a strong virus infection, the results of the genome test will come out in only a few cycles. But in this case, we have to do more than 30 circles until the result was confirmed with Omicron. This explains that fewer viruses are left in his body, so they can’t be detected now. So, it is comforting that the chances of transmission are low but still possible.”

“For now, Koh Samui Hospital has sent his additional examinations at the Surat Thani Medical Science Center for another lab test. The results are expected today. Meanwhile, Mr. Ohad is still detained under authorities’ watch as he is facing offenses under the Communicable Diseases Act.”

TPN media notes that the later test showed that he was negative, but has likely previously recovered from Covid-19. Regardless, the man will still face charges according to Dr. Supakit for leaving his quarantine hotel before he had his final result.


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