The hottest stories in Thailand from the last week: Russian tourists stuck in Surat Thani’s islands, Four-month plan to downgrade Covid-19 to ‘endemic’, and more

Here is a look at the top NATIONAL stories, chosen by our Pattaya News/TPN National team, from last week, March 7th, to the 13th, with some commentary. They are not in any particular level of importance but are listed in the order of date of publication.

PHOTO: Prachachat

1. Thai Cabinet Committee approves elections for Bangkok Governor and Pattaya Mayor

After a long delay, the Cabinet Committee had finally approved the elections in the special governed cities, following the proposal of the Ministry of Interior. The Election Commission was responsible for the date consideration and announcement. And as of yesterday, it was officially finalized to be held on Sunday, May 22nd.

2. 3,200 Russian tourists stuck in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao area due to Russia/Ukraine conflict and sanctions

A number of Russian tourists in Surat Thani and other tourism destinations were struggling to return home and make financial transactions following the Russia-Ukraine political crisis and sanctions. The Russian consulate had consulted local authorities for solutions last week. They would continue to work with the Russian Embassy, Thai Immigration, and relevant tourism associations to find solutions to assist those in need.

3. Thailand’s Public Health Ministry introduces a four-month plan to downgrade Covid-19 to an ‘endemic’ disease

To accelerate the Covid-19 as an ‘endemic’ disease, the Ministry of Public Health had introduced the four-month plan called “3 plus 1” which would start from mid-March to July. The action plan mentioned 4 stages: Combat, Plateau, Declining, and Post Pandemic. The Ministry would also establish a subcommittee of disease control to monitor the plan implementation.

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