Thai Covid-19 Center to scrap daily reports of infections found via ATK self-administration, starting June 1st

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The Thai Ministry of Public Health is preparing to readjust the number of Covid-19 daily infections by removing the patients found via ATK self-administration, starting June 1st.

Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, an assistant to the deputy spokesman of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), stated during an interview regarding the dashboard system of the Department of Disease Control in which the number of ATK tested patients was not reported yesterday, May 28th, that more than 50 percent of recent cases are asymptomatic, so from now on the report is starting to focus on those who have symptoms and are being treated at hospitals.

“The Ministry of Public Health’s report has been adjusted to report only the average of daily infections in the past two weeks while the CCSA still reports a total of daily numbers. But from June 1st onwards, we are planning to only report daily patients with symptoms and those being hospitalized,” Dr. Sumani said.

She also added that the new form of reports will be proposed to the CCSA on May 30th at a meeting of the Ministry of Public Health before adjusting the reports in the CCSA.


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