One tourist killed, three injured in shooting between two raft rental shops in Suphan Buri

PHOTO: Thairath

Suphan Buri –

One tourist was instantly killed and three were injured in a customer fight that ended up in a shooting between two raft rental shops at Krasiao Dam in the Dan Chang district of Suphan Buri province on Sunday, August 21st.

Officials from the Dan Chang police station arrived at the scene after being notified of a shooting incident on Sunday evening. Upon arrival, the injured individuals were already delivered to the nearest hospital. The police then began the examination at a bamboo booth where the victims were reportedly hanging out before the incident.

According to local witnesses, a lot of tourists were visiting the dam on the weekend, causing two local raft renting businesses to try to get the most customers. Before the incident, an intermediary, who was also another rental operator, came to ease the situation.

Shortly afterward, the son of one rental shop owner, who was only identified as Chakkrit, reportedly approached the other party and started shooting, causing them to immediately flee from the shop.

The chase and shooting continued and unfortunately shot a 24-year-old domestic Thai tourist in his left chest. Three injuries, including two employees of the rental shop and another tourist, were shot and rushed to the hospital.

Later, the 29-year-old alleged shooter was captured and taken to the police station for interrogation. Initially, it was believed that the cause of the incident was business problems. However, an interrogation would be conducted before charging the suspect with further legal proceedings.


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