Thailand officially approves importation of cannabis and hemp seeds

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The importation of cannabis and hemp seeds is now legal in Thailand, according to the Agriculture Department’s announcement in the Royal Gazette on Friday, October 28th.

According to the announcement, the seeds of cannabis and hemp and cannabis sativa that have not been genetically modified are allowed to be imported in the Kingdom from any country.

The seeds must also not contain organic or inorganic contaminants, including soil, sand, insects, and any other parts of the plants.

The seeds must be proved to be treated for or protected against pests by one of the following: Pseudomonas syringae pv.cannabina, Xanthomonas campestris pv. cannabis, Ditylenchus dipsaci, Arabis mosaicvirus, Alfalfa mosaic virus, Orobanche ramosa, Cuscuta spp, and Striga spp.

A Phytosanitary certificate and/or phytosanitary certificate for export issued by the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) is required and must be attached when exporting the seeds to the Kingdom of Thailand.

All imported seeds must go through a screening process by the authorities of the Department of Agriculture.


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