Indian tourist files police report after mistakenly taking transgender person to his Pattaya hotel

Pattaya —

An Indian tourist in Pattaya filed a police report on a stranger whom he reportedly paid to go to his hotel room but later turned out to be a transgender individual. The tourist said the transvestite refused to return his money and stole his wristwatch.

An unnamed Indian tourist on Thursday reported his plight to Pattaya police in the evening.

The tourist said he hired a stranger whom he originally thought was a woman to go to his hotel room on Soi 8 in Banglamung, Chonburi. While the two of them were inside the room, the tourist stated he noticed the stranger was, in fact, a transvestite, not a real woman.

Out of disappointment, the Indian man asked for his cash worth 1,500 baht back, but the transvestite reportedly refused. The tourist then chose to file a police report at the Pattaya police station, but the officer informed him that what he did with the stranger was against Thai prostitution laws and may result in legal action against him.

The Indian man reportedly began to shed tears as he did not want to get charged. He pled with the officer to find the stranger, claiming the stranger was also a pickpocket because they stole his wristwatch.

Pattaya police were inspecting the hotel to try to locate the suspect, adding they would be able to solve the case soon because the suspect forgot their ID card in the hotel room.

As of the Indian man, there are no reports of forthcoming legal charges so far.

TPN notes there have been in terms of pickpocketing issues in the Pattaya area 16 cases so far this year, with the most recent happening in early November.

There have been arrests, including this most recent one, and Pattaya police vow they will continue to search for and arrest the suspects.

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