Bangkok Ranks Well in New Poll on World’s Best Cities

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Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok has been honored as the 30th best city in the world out of 100 countries and the 2nd best city in ASEAN, Resonance Consultancy, a leading global advisor in destination development, says.

The metropolis’s impressive placing was reported on February 26th by the Thai government spokesman, Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri. He disclosed that Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha is very pleased to learn that Bangkok has been recognized as the 30th best city globally and the 2nd best city in ASEAN by Resonance Consultancy.

Resonance Consultancy is a leading global advisor in destination development, branding, and marketing. The company is known for its annual reports on city rankings, which evaluate the world’s most desirable places to visit, live, work, and invest in based on various factors such as attractions, infrastructure, culture, and environment.

According to Mr. Anucha, Bangkok ranks 30th on the “100 Best Cities in the World 2023” report from Resonance Consultancy, which evaluates six categories including:

  1. Place: This category considers factors such as the local climate, safety, tourist attractions, and livability.
  2. Product: In this category, factors such as airport connectivity, museums, university rankings, and event venues are evaluated.
  3. People: The people category takes into account the labor force participation rate and educational attainment of the local population.
  4. Prosperity: This category looks at the presence of global leading companies, GDP, employment rates, and income equality.
  5. Programming: Factors evaluated in this category include cultural events, nightlife experiences, quality restaurants, and shopping destinations.
  6. Promotion: This category takes into account online search volumes and social media reviews.

Bangkok also ranks 2nd best city out of the 10 member countries of ASEAN, according to the spokesman.”The government’s work prioritizes developing Thailand in all aspects. Prime Minister Prayut believes that Bangkok has great potential for development, which requires cooperation from all citizens. The government also believes that many other places in Thailand have similar potential for development,” the spokesperson said.

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