Top National Thailand Stories From the Past Week: Tuk Tuk driver attacks tourist, Summer officially begins, and more

Here is a look at the top NATIONAL Thailand stories, chosen by our Pattaya News/TPN National team, from last week, Monday, February 27th, 2023, to Sunday, March 5th, 2023. They are not in any particular level of importance but are listed in the order of date of publication.

Let’s get started and see what the top stories were!

  1. The Thai government is collaborating with Netflix to develop a creative travel guide to promote tourism and attract more tourists to visit the country via cruise ships, said the government.                                                                                                          The government has also been pushing for the cultural tourism and film industries to promote tourism and soft power.

  2. A combined team of Thai police on Tuesday, February 28th, raided a warehouse in the Nakhon Chaisi district of Nakhon Pathom province and impounded 10 million baht worth of counterfeit auto parts. The facility was owned by a Chinese businessman, said a Thai caretaker of the warehouse.

The 24-year-old unidentified man claimed to police that a Chinese businessman named “Liu Dehua” had hired him to take care of the warehouse and the goods.

3. A TukTuk taxi driver attacked a foreign tourist near Khao San Road after a road accident.

Bangkok Police are trying to contact the three people involved for further investigation.

4. Summer in Thailand officially began on Sunday (March 5th). The Summer season is expected to end in the middle of May, according to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD).

The TMD states that Thailand’s Winter will end and the summer season will begin on Sunday (March 5th).

5. A former United Arab Emirates policeman was arrested on Phangan Island for allegedly committing arson on Samui Island in Surat Thani.

The Samui Police said the victim and suspect had been working together in a second-hand car business before they had some personal conflicts which led to the arson.

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