UPDATE: Two Missing Foreigners and Kayak in Phuket Reportedly Found Safe


Two missing foreigners and a kayak have been reportedly found safe after being rescued by a boat captain.

Our previous story:

Two foreigners have been reported missing two days after they rented a kayak on Coconut Island in Mueang Phuket.

A marine search was launched for two missing male foreigners with a kayak in Mueang Phuket.

Now for the update:

The Phuket Tourist Police told the Phuket Express that on Friday (March 10th) a tour boat captain, Mr. Wittaya Ngankeng, found the two foreigners alive and floating in the sea hanging onto the kayak near the Rang Yai Island in Koh Kaew.

The kayak did not capsize but there was some water inside. The two foreigners were unable to stay in the kayak.

The boat captain rescued the two foreigners and brought the kayak back to land at 4:50 P.M Friday. The two foreigners left the kayak with a security guard nearby. They said they would be back in ten minutes to take the kayak, however, they did not return.

CCTV clearly showed the men being rescued and returned to shore, Phuket Tourist Police added.

The Phuket Tourist Police told the Phuket Express that the tour boat captain did not report the incident until he saw Thai press stating the men were still missing today, March 12th,and a widespread search was being conducted.

Phuket Tourist Police are working on locating the foreigners currently and positively identifying them but are relieved the men are safe.

The original version of this article appeared on our sister website, The Phuket Express, owned by our parent company TPN media.


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