Suspected Thai Cyanide Serial Killer Remains in Custody, Connected to at Least 12 Fatalities

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Thai police arrested the wife of a high-level police officer on suspicion of killing at least 12 friends and acquaintances using cyanide.

The suspect, Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, 32, was arrested last Tuesday and charged with first-degree murder over several deaths of her friends and acquaintances, which happened over the span of many years.

She was arrested in Bangkok, police found her in possession of a bottle of cyanide.

Previously, the mother and the elder sister of Siriporn “Koy” Khanwong, 32, the suspect’s acquaintance, filed a report with police after Siriporn suddenly collapsed and died on the bank of the Mae Klong river while releasing fish for merit-making with Sararat on April 14th.

Her mother and sister believed that there was foul play around Siriporn’s death as Sararat did not assist Sririporn and just left in her car although she reportedly witnessed the victim’s struggle, according to CCTV footage. Siriporn’s valuables also disapeared.

Police reported that according to an autopsy, cyanide was found in Siriporn’s body, leading to Sararat’s arrest.

The suspect’s story gained widespread attention in Thailand, causing many people who had lost their loved ones with similar circumstances involving the suspect to come forward and accuse her of poisoning them.

Sararat was suspected of killing as many as 12 people aged between 33 to 44, including her ex-boyfriend. She was in debt to almost every victim, according to police, adding there was one survivor who got poisoned but survived likely due to high intake of water, however.

Police are continuing to gather evidence and interviewing witnesses.

The court denied Sararat’s bail last Wednesday. Sararat underwent a test for possible mental illness or insanity but passed, said law enforcement, who added she has shown no remorse or regret for her alleged actions so far.

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