Italian Man Who Went On Rampage in Pattaya Tests Positive for Methamphetamine

Pattaya —

An Italian man who hurled a refrigerator off his Pattaya hotel balcony was actually high on crystal meth, not marijuana as he had claimed, according to police.

First our previous story:

An Italian man suspected of being high on marijuana hurled several items including a refrigerator at people below his balcony in Pattaya. Luckily, the man reportedly harmed nobody.

Now for our update:

The suspect, Mr. Antonio, 43, of Italian nationality, tested positive for crystal meth at a local hospital in Pattaya after police could not initially detect marijuana substance in his system.

Prior to the test, the man blamed his meltdown on the balcony of the Charlie Place Hotel in Pattaya’s Soi Buakhao on marijuana, claiming it caused him to hallucinate that someone was attempting to harm him.

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Antonio threw several items at people on the street below his second-floor balcony including a large fridge. Luckily, only one motorbike was damaged and no one suffered injuries.

He is facing drug and vandalization charges.

Thai media reported that the man was highly uncooperative throughout the entire legal process. He even alleged that someone put crystal meth in his water and gave it to him to drink.

Police, however, are very skeptical about the man’s story.

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