More Progress Made in Investigation of Robbery of Chinese Nationals in Pattaya

Pattaya —

Pattaya Police have arrested another suspected burglar who broke into Chinese “tourists'” premises in Pattaya and stole various valuables worth 400,000 baht on May 3rd.

First our previous story:

Masked burglars broke into the house of Chinese tourists in Pattaya while brandishing firearms and stole various valuables before escaping. Police have arrested one of the three suspects so far.

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Police made the latest arrest yesterday, May 4th, when they apprehended Mr. Thawatchai Siyangnok, 27, in the Pattaya area. The Thai man was one of the five suspects who were involved in the robbing of three Chinese “tourists” at their Pattaya house in the early morning of May 3rd.

Mr. Thawatchai and another arrested suspect Mr. Chaichana Phimpha, 28, of Thai nationality are being interrogated by police.

The suspects are believed to only be two of the accomplices in the burglary as the victims said they saw only three men breaking into the house, according to police. These two men assisted with driving and helping the other suspects escape.

Today, May 5th, the Pattaya Provincial Court has approved arrest warrants for another three fugitives, including 1) Mr. Sarawut Suthapoj, 31, 2) Mr. Nakhon Saetiao, 26, and 3) Mr. Wanchana Kreadkrai, 27. All are Thai.

They are charged with collusion in robbery using firearms and vehicles, coercing others to do anything or refraining from doing anything by threatening them with danger to life, body, or freedom, and carrying firearms without permission.

Police are currently searching for the suspects.

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