British Man Arrested After Attacking a Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver in Phuket – VIDEO

Patong –

A British man was arrested after he punched a Tuk Tuk taxi driver after he and his friends crashed into the parked taxi driver in Patong, Phuket.

The Patong Police told the Phuket Express that late at night on Tuesday (May 9th), a Tuk Tuk taxi driver, Mr. Armin Longklang, filed a report to the Patong Police. Armin told police that a motorbike rider crashed into his parked Tuk Tuk on the roadside in Patong. The rider was with a small group of other young foreign riders, none of them wearing helmets and appearing aggressive, according to Armin and CCTV footage.

The CCTV footage appears to show a verbal altercation take place between a group of the foreign motorbike riders and Armin, who wanted compensation for the damages to his vehicle. While verbally debating the incident and cost of damage, one foreign rider wearing a black shirt can clearly be seen on video getting off his motorbike and proceeding to punch Armin in the side of the head several times, blindsiding Armin.

The suspect and his friends then fled on their motorbikes as several witnesses attempted to stop them from fleeing.

The Patong Police told the Phuket Express that on Wednesday (May 10th) police found that the foreign motorbike driver was identified as MR. HOBAN JACK MARK PAUL, British national from Manchester. He was staying at a hotel in Kata and was on vacation.

Police found Mr. PAUL in front of the hotel in question who initially tried to run away from law enforcement but was finally caught. Police explained to Mr. Paul why he was being arrested and Mr. Paul agreed to go to the Patong Police Station.

The Tuk Tuk taxi driver, Armin, confirmed to police that Mr. Paul was the motorbike rider that punched him.

The Patong Police are continuing their investigation for further legal action and Paul remained in custody as of press time with multiple charges, including resisting arrest and assault.

In another road rage incident this week, a foreign motorbike rider got angry after a taxi driver honked his horn at him before the foreigner allegedly showed his middle finger and hit the taxi car with his fist in front of a famous nightclub in Kamala.

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