Suspects in Murder of Chinese Businessman in South Thailand Officially Charged

Trang, Southern –

Three suspects who were involved in the murder of a Chinese businessman in Trang have been officially charged.

Our previous stories:

A Chinese businessman was found dead with more than 20 stab and slash wounds at a resort in Mueang Trang.

Three suspects who were allegedly involved in the murder of a Chinese businessman in Trang have been arrested in Satun.

Now for the update:

A reenactment was held on Thursday morning (May 18th) with more than 30 police from Mueang Trang Police Station and Trang Provincial Police Station. Joining them were more than 20 relatives of the Chinese businessman including his children and wife who attended the re-enactment.

Only Mr. Natdanai ‘J’, 22 and Mr. Nattaphon ‘It’, 19, were present in the reenactment, as the female involved is a juvenile and for various legal reasons did not attend. The re-enactment only took 20 minutes as relatives of the victim’s wife were about to attack the suspects.

The Trang Provincial Police Commander Major General Chaowalit Leangsupong told the Phuket Express that the other suspect, identified only as Ms. Fai, 17, is being held in custody and questioned at the Children’s and Family Home in Trang.

Sleeping pills and alcohol were found in the Chinese man’s blood test. All three suspects are facing charges of intentional murder and theft.

All suspects have been denied bail and remain in custody as of press time.


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