Thai Anti-Cannabis Whistleblower Goes After Cannabis Shops Near Schools in Bangkok

Bangkok —

Whistleblower turned anti-cannabis campaigner Chuwit Kamolvisit is attacking a cannabis shop for operating close to a female high school in Bangkok.

The shop was located on the opposite side of the Saint Joseph Convent School, a female school with 5,000 students. Chuwit said he went to inspect the shop on May 18th following complaints from parents regarding its concerning proximity to the school.

Concerns were raised by anonymous concerned citizens that the presence of the cannabis shop could potentially expose children to cannabis and its influence, Chuwit said. He blamed the incident on the Ministry of Public Health for reportedly lacking effective measures to prevent such occurrences.

The campaigner went on to say that although the premises now had a sign indicating that cannabis is not sold to individuals under the age of 20, he did not see it the other day when he visited it.

The shop, which sold all types of cannabis products, also did not sell them for medical use, according to Chuwit, but rather recreational use because parents had been complaining to him that they could smell somebody smoking cannabis while walking past the premises. Chuwit said a medical sign and text was only a cover and not a serious medical organization.

Chuwit also mentioned that he would give the Ministry of Public Health a 7-day deadline to shut down the mentioned shop, if possible.

If there was no progress, he threatened that he would lead a group of parents to “storm” into the office of the Ministry of Public Health to make their concerns heard loud and clear.The owners of the shop did not make an immediate response to Chuwit or the press.

Adam Judd
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