UPDATE: Prime Suspect Reportedly Admits to Murdering Pattaya Woman

Pattaya —

A prime suspect wanted in the vicious murder of a young Pattaya woman reportedly conceded to murdering the woman with the broken glass in a picture frame due to a financial dispute, according to Pattaya Police.

First our previous story:

The prime suspect who was wanted in the vicious murder of a young Pattaya woman was arrested in a rural village near the Kalasin province in Sakon Nakhon in northeastern Thailand.

Now for our update:

The suspected murderer, Mr. Watcharaphon Ansongkram or Kik, nicknamed “Kik Kilo 10”, 39-years-old, arrived at 10 AM today, May 24th, at the Pattaya Police Station to undertake an interrogation regarding the murder of a young Pattaya woman, 32-year-old Ms. Rattana Thammarak.

Responding to a question to The Pattaya News team, Watcharaphon briefly stated that he apologized for the incident before entering the station.

Watcharaphon was arrested in the village of Kut Bak which lies at the border of the upper northeastern Thailand Kalasin province. He was hiding at a small wooden cabin where he was arrested by police officers who subsequently transported him back to Pattaya where the crime took place.

The man of Thai nationality appeared tense and had cuts and bite marks on his left hand between the thumb and index finger, The Pattaya News team reported from the police station.

According to an interview with Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi, Superintendent of the Pattaya Police Station, who was responsible for the case, the suspect stated during an initial questioning that he did not mean to kill the victim, only that he acted out of impulsiveness.

As for the motive, Watcharaphon reportedly alleged that the victim refused to return 30,000 baht that she owed him, which fueled him into killing her, Col. Thanapong said.

He continued that the killing occurred on May 16th when Watcharaphon and Ms. Rattana, the deceased, engaged in a heated argument over the above money. The suspect attempted to collect the money from her, but she reportedly resisted and began to raise her voice. In response, Watcharaphon covered her mouth with his hand and squeezed her throat, causing Ms. Rattana to fight back and bite his hand.

During the struggle, the two accidentally collided with a picture frame within the victim’s apartment complex, causing it to fall and shatter. Ms. Rattana then reportedly grabbed a piece of glass and chased after the suspect. This enraged the suspect who then in return grabbed a piece of glass and stabbed the victim multiple times in the neck, face, and shoulder until she became motionless, after which he fled, Col. Thanapong said.

However, the superintendent said the suspect was only in an early process of questioning. Pattaya Police will hold a press conference to provide the exact details of the murder later tomorrow, May 25th, while in the mean time, the suspect will be intensely interrogated, Col. Thanapong stated.

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