Pattaya Provincial Court Denies Arrest Warrant for Russian Man Present at Falling Death of Russian Woman for Insufficient Evidence

Pattaya, Thailand-

The Pattaya Provincial Court has denied an arrest warrant for a Russian man described as a person of interest in the falling death of a Russian woman in Na Jomtien on Sunday morning, August 13th. As a result, he will be at least temporarily released.

First, please see this report for a complete recap of the story so far in this case.

As of yesterday afternoon around 5:00 P.M., August 14th, 2023, the Pattaya Provincial Court declined a request from the Na Jomtien police to formally arrest Mr. Oeaop Nbahobny Fedor, 30, as a suspect in the death of a 32-year-old Russian woman, who was only publicly identified as Daria.

Daria plunged to her death from the seventh floor balcony of Fedor’s condo around 7:00 AM Sunday morning, August 13th, 2023. CCTV appeared to show Fedor holding Daria by her legs before letting go but it was unclear if he was trying to pull her back into the condo or if he was attempting to drop her, according to the Pattaya Provincial Court, which as a result declined to file an official arrest warrant for homicide due to lack of evidence.

According to Pol. Col. Wattanachai Saengrit, Superintendent of the Na Jomtien Police Station, Fedor tested negative for any illegal drugs and denied murdering or harming Daria, stating she jumped of her own will before he could stop her despite his attempts to do so as seen on CCTV. He also claimed scratch marks and injuries on his body were self-harm and not caused by any physical altercation with Daria.

Fedor also stated his uncooperative and aggressive behaviour at the scene of the crime was due to shock and not due to wanting to fight police or law enforcement.

Pol Col. Saengrit stated that tourist police, interpreters, and Immigration held a detailed interrogation with Fedor yesterday, August 14th, where he continued to vehemently deny any role in Daria’s death. As a result of the Pattaya Provincial Court denying an arrest warrant on lack of hard evidence of homicide, Fedor will be released but monitored by Immigration as the investigation continues, stated Saengrit.

Fedor was fined an undisclosed amount for public intoxication and chaotic behaviour/disorderly conduct at the scene of the crime.

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