Thai Police Seize 13.8 Million Meth Pills in Pathum Thani Drug Bust

Pathum Thani —

On July 3rd, 2024, Thai investigative police officers held a press conference regarding a significant drug seizure in Nong Suea, Pathum Thani, where they confiscated 13.8 million methamphetamine pills and apprehended three suspects, along with other assets worth nearly two million baht.

According to the police, their investigation began with the discovery of a group smuggling over 13.4 million amphetamine pills in On Nut 86, Prawet, Bangkok, on June 12th. Subsequently, they expanded their efforts, leading to the identification of a warehouse in Nong Suea, Pathum Thani, where the illicit substances were stored.

Surveillance of the warehouse on July 1st revealed the arrival of a suspicious pickup truck suspected of transporting illegal drugs. Following a thorough inspection of the vehicle and warehouse, authorities uncovered the stash of 13.8 million methamphetamine pills, along with a handgun, ammunition, and other assets totaling 2 million baht.

During the operation, three suspects were arrested on site: Mr. Prasert (42), Mr. Supachoke (44), and Ms. Soraya (26). However, two other suspects involved in the drug smuggling operation as a head, Mr. Neng and Mr. Phap, managed to evade capture.

The arrested individuals are facing charges related to trafficking type one narcotics and other felony offenses. They have been handed over to investigative police for further legal proceedings. The Thai police pledged to continue their investigation to ensure all individuals involved in the criminal network are held accountable.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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