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This website will be the new home of national and limited international news from The Pattaya News (TPN) in Thailand.

Our long-term and local readers have come to expect neutral, unbiased, factual and timely news from us as we have grown into the top English and Thai news provider in a digital and social media format in the Pattaya, Thailand area. Our local web sites, which have hundreds of thousands of readers, can be found here:

We are media partners with Facebook, Tiktok and Google News and are an actual, local licensed company. We are focused on delivering free, high impact, self written, non aggregated news. We have our own reporters, writers, editors and video team and have decided to create a national web site so that we can better present a national audience with our content and also provide limited International content.

If you would like to read more about us please take a look at our About Us and Contact pages. Bookmark this page, we plan to start delivering our national news content in September, 2020. This website will also be a great solution for our fans who are not as interested in smaller scale local news but want quality, neutral national stories about Thailand. We will still provide national news on our primary website, which is our first brand and remain committed to true local news.

We are owned and operated by a team of foreign and Thai nationals who live and work in Thailand-not operated from overseas. We are independently owned and not owned by any larger media group looking to sell you something. We do rely on advertising, but try our best to keep it limited and have no paywalls-all our content is free.

Thank you for joining us at TPNnational, we look forward to providing you with quality national news. This site is still under construction as of August 25th, 2020, so please bear with us.

The Pattaya News Team

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